An Ultra Cheesy Tour of Our House (Part 1)

Hi! Welcome to our house!

Go ahead and take a quick look over your shoulder. Pretty great view, huh?

Come on in! Oh… Don’t worry about the sign. Mrs. Smith lives downstairs.

But first, take a look to your right. Our mail slot! But where does it go? Come on inside and I’ll show you!

Here we go! Mail delivered right into the comfort of my home! Classy!

Take a sharp right and step into the “Study.” Have a seat! Put your feet up!

Ah, yes. You’ve found the dining room. That is the place we eat our daily meals.

You like my curtains? Why, thank you!

What’s that feature almost entirely masked by the futon, you ask? By golly, it’s a fireplace!

And then there were matching pillows! Thank you for your help, Hobby Lobby fabric cutting girl!

Our walls are, of course, adorned in pictures of us and the places we’ve been. How did Target know?!

Now, down the hall and to the right. Into the bathroom in all its yellow and pink tiled glory!

The handles to the bathroom cabinets are nearly identical to the rose ones I had on my childhood dresser drawers!

Tune in later for “An Ultra Cheesy Tour of Our House (Part 2)”!

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