Challenge 2

Challenge #2:  What are some choices in your life that affected where you are now?

I think I always knew where I was going to attend college, so when the time came to head in that direction, the biggest decision was where I was going to live while I attended school.  I picked one based mostly on the fact that my mom lived there while she was going to school.

 Many of my friends were staying in the same complex for the next year, so I decided to stay for another year too.  I had new roommates and became really good friends with one roommate.

The next year my roommate and I were looking to try out someplace new.  We had some friends from our freshman year who had moved to a different complex and liked it, so we decided to try that our for our junior year.

When it came time to find housing for senior year, my roommate found a house of girls to live in and decided that’s what she’d do.  I, on the other hand, didn’t feel like that’s what I should do.  So I procrastinated.  I told this part of the story more in depth in a previous post.

Finally I ganged up with a fellow social worker I knew from my ward and found someplace to live.  It was while I was living here that I met my husband. 

If I had decided to live somewhere different my freshman year, I would have met different people and may not have ended up in the same place.  It’s kind of a sobering to think that if I had made a different decision anywhere along the line, I may not have met my husband.

Then again, one of the places I considered living my freshman year just happened to be the same complex my husband was living at the time.  Maybe we would have met and married earlier had I chosen to live there instead.

Good decisions can lead to all sorts of good ends.  I really like where my choices have led me


One thought on “Challenge 2

  1. Me too, Lindsey!! I'm grateful every day that you and Kevin are together and so right for each other. Camille mentioned the other day how happy she was for Kevin to have found you–I agreed then too!

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