Challenge 12

Challenge #12:  Find your favorite “somethings” (old, new, borrowed, blue) and record a little bit about them!


 We bought an old candy machine while we were in St. George a few weeks ago and it is so awesome.  This candy machine isn’t exactly like ours, but you get the idea.  I’d take a picture of ours, but we don’t have any candy in it right now so it looks kind of lame.  I’ll post a picture one day.


I’ve been desiring some sandals that weren’t cheap Old Navy flip flops, and I found these at Kohls the other day for a mere $9.99!  Now, they aren’t the cutest sandals I’ve ever seen in my life, but I think they’re $10 worth of cute.  They’ll go with everything and I’m pretty satisfied with the comfort level.  I wore them pretty much all day after right after I got them and didn’t get any blisters.  Win!


Since we are renting, technically our front porch is borrowed.  I love sitting out there.


There’s nothing like a bunch of blue bachelor’s buttons growing in the wild.


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