Oh, the Irony

A funny thing happened to me this week.  I randomly applied for a job writing for a parenting blog, and it just so happens that I got the job!  I’m getting paid to write!  Granted, I’m not making bank–I get paid one and a half pennies per word.  But I like it and it’s something fun to add to the resume.

Brace yourself for the funny part.  The blog is called “Single with a Baby:  Raising a Child on My Own.”  The irony makes me smile every time.  I’m not single, I don’t have a baby, and yet I’m writing this blog.  Fortunately, parenting is parenting–single or not–and the basic principles stay the same.

Anyway, feel free to follow along at {said website}.  I’ll be writing three posts a week, and the majority of the stuff I’ll write will apply to any parent (even though I’m directing it toward single moms).  I don’t anticipate that blog getting really big and famous or anything–my boss said it’s there mostly to promote another blog–but I’m ok with that.  It’s mostly a fun little project at this point.


2 thoughts on “Oh, the Irony

  1. I want to get paid to write!! How about some advice as to how I can make that happen for me…I will definitely be following your new blog, Lindsey. Congratulations!

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