Off Topic

10 for 10 Gratitude Challenge Number 2

Write 10 material possessions you are grateful for.

  1. A sturdy car.  I can’t imagine relying solely on public transportation.
  2. A comfy bed.  Oh, how I love my bed.
  3. My iPod touch.  I still have a dumb phone (as opposed to a smart phone), but I’m ok with that because my iPod meets all my needs.
  4. My house.  We really lucked out.
  5. Tweezers.  It’s a necessity for the well-embrowed (like me).
  6. Toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Such a wonderful development for all humanity.
  7. I love my KitchenAid mixer.  I use it so often.  I feel like it’s a necessity for making frosting and kneaded breads.
  8. Towels.  Once upon a time I showered in Poland and had to dry myself off with a dirty t-shirt because my luggage got lost.  Not so fun.
  9. A toaster is a necessity in my house.  Toast is the nectar of life.
  10. Shoes are pretty great.  When I was 10 or 11 I hit the awkward stage where my feet were too big for girls shoes and I didn’t like the women’s shoes, and I remember feeling frustrated and thinking to myself something like, “Why must shoes be necessary?!”  But I’ve seen the error of my ways.  They’re pretty useful.  Not to mention great for protecting your feet from the perils of nature.

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