The First Sound

My favorite part about being in the temple is an unusual one, I think. In fact, it’s not even really a part. It’s a transition–a time when you wait patiently for your turn. The actual waiting is fine, but the by-product of the waiting is what I love: the soft murmur of voices. Somehow it’s different from the normal background noise of many people talking simultaneously.

I have a theory. It’s not doctrine by any means, but I feel pretty good about this theory. I think after we die the first post-mortal sense that kicks in is hearing. Before we see, feel, or smell where we are–where ever it may be–we’ll hear. I don’t think it’ll be silent in that place. It makes sense to me that the first thing we will be aware of is something familiar. Something comforting. Something that immediately lets us know we aren’t alone in that place. I think we’ll hear a low rumble of voices–that same sound you hear while you’re waiting for your turn in the temple.


One thought on “The First Sound

  1. Celia Turner says:

    interesting thought! I know what you mean… but just never really thought about it before. Do you suppose that there will be loud, overbearing noises that make it hard to concentrate? Sure hope not!

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