Wuteva, Kiiiiim

I should begin this story with a disclaimer. I’m pretty sure it’s a true story. It heard it from a roommate, and I think she heard it from the source. And I think the source was a guy named Lee.

One day as Lee sat in class an unusual conversation came to his attention.

“Kim. Kiiim. Kiiiiiiiiiiiim. Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim,” a black girl (a little on the substantial side) repeated in the general direction of a white girl (a little more on the unsubstantial side).

Honestly, I don’t know what their size or race has to do with anything, but those details were included when I first heard this story. I couldn’t very well leave it out.

The wiry white girl–assumed to be Kim–gave the rotund black girl an uneasy glance, then resumed ignoring her.

The large black girl persisted. “Kiiim, you got any lip baaalm?”


“Kiiiim. Kiiiiiiiiiim. Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!”

Apparently the skinny white girl could take no more. She turned to the hefty black girl and snappily said, “My name’s not Kim.”

The black girl shrugged and drawled, “Wuteva, Kiiiiiiiim.”

I don’t always say whatever. But when I do, I say, “Wuteva, Kiiiiim.”


One thought on “Wuteva, Kiiiiim

  1. Celia Turner says:

    This story makes me smile every time I think about it! I was hoping that you would tell it. (I was worried that it wouldn’t come out right, since a lot of it has to do with the heavy accent of the black girl….. but you did it, and it came out great!

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