Off Topic

Projects: Check!

I’m finally done with my summer projects, and now I have all this mental space I’m not sure what to do with.

1st Accomplishment: Submitting my teacher training audition.

I worked on a beastly Bach piece all summer long, and although it did get a little better with time, it was still rough when my deadline was getting close. I recorded it over and over hoping to get some fluke bust of perfection, but it wasn’t happening. I may or may not have burned through three sets of batteries throughout the whole process…

Anyway, four days before the deadline I had a pit in my stomach every time I thought about Bach. There was no way I was going to be able to crank out an acceptable recording. So as I laid in bed worrying about this audition I realized that maybe the basic audition pieces would go better than intermediate Bach.

The next morning I tried out the basic pieces: a Seitz and a Vivaldi. I hadn’t played those in probably 10 years and yet they already sounded better than the Bach I’d been practicing for months.

So I whipped those mostly into shape in about three days and got some recordings I was mostly ok with. I’m not sure if my audition will be accepted (because let’s be honest, I practiced them for three days), but at this point I’m so relieved it’s done that I’m ok with anything. Fingers crossed!

2nd Accomplishment: Finishing my kitchen.

When we moved into our house, one of the walls in our kitchen was a cheerful yellow color.


The color itself wasn’t bad, but it clashed really awfully with my kitchen cabinets. So. Much. Yellow.


(This is the only good picture I have of the dreaded intersection of yellow and greige, so I had to crop out my baby and husband)

The yellow wall intersected with a greige wall. The previous homeowners painted this greige in a lot of the upstairs areas of my house, and I like it everywhere but on this wall in the kitchen. For some reason it looked purpley pink in there. And it clashed with the yellow. I’m really not sure what she was thinking with that yellow. The rest of the house is really tastefully painted.

Anyway, I saw this dining room on a blog and knew the dark teal with white board and batten was what I wanted for my kitchen. Then I saw the trim in this dining room and loved it, so I ditched board and batten for it.


It took a lot of work and weeks and weeks of naptimes, but we did it. And I’ve got to say I’m a fan. Every time I walk into my kitchen I remember how much I love it. I think it’s classy.

Anyway, maybe I’m actually back to writing here and there now that my entire life isn’t being consumed by my projects. Hooray!


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