What I’m Into

After neglecting my blog a lot and for a long time, I’ve decided on a new format that I might be able to stick with. We shall see.

I read Modern Mrs. Darcy (great place for book recommendations, by the way) and every so often she does a What I’m Into post referencing Leigh Kramer. And although I don’t read Leigh Kramer, from what I gather she does a monthly post of things she currently likes–books, podcasts, movies, TV, music, etc.

I’m going to try out a bi-monthly “What I’m Into” inspired post, and I think it’ll be a good thing. I’m trying to be more conscious about the media I consume, and I think it’ll give some purpose to my (sometimes mindless) consumption.

I’m reading A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It’s a little more scientific than I was expecting, but interesting anyway. I have it checked out from Overdrive, which has a 2-week lending period (it teases me with “try a 3-week checkout” then it doesn’t work), so my goal is always to finish my books within the two weeks so I don’t have to check it out again. I’m a little over a week in, and have only gotten through 25% of the book. At this point I’m shooting for 50% by the due date.

I just read about a New England scientist from the late 1700’s named John Dalton. He was a color blind Quaker (color blindness is sometimes called Daltonism after him) who realized the nature of atoms–their size, their quantity in the world, and their near indestructibility. But he started out his career as an elementary school teacher when he was only 12 years old. Even after he became well known in certain circles for his work on the atom, he continued to teach kids. I loved this passage:


Listening to:
A recent episode of Freakonomics–Why Do We Really Follow the News?— made a really interesting point. An interviewee pointed out that in general people seek out the news sources that reinforce their own world view. It made me think of a comment on a Washington Post article I saw on Facebook recently. The article itself wasn’t anything politically noteworthy, I thought–something about the Clintons potentially being America’s “Royal Family”. I didn’t read the article because the Clintons aren’t very high on my priority list, so I don’t know if it was thought-provoking or just one of those fluffy little entertainment articles (you know, the “celebrities go grocery shopping too!” kind).

Anyway, the commenter was a little outraged that the Washington Post would publish such an article. The comment said something to the effect of “Shame on you for posting something contrary to my political affiliation!” I get that he/she saw it as an endorsement for Hillz, conveniently ignoring the fact that the Clintons are, in fact, already a former first family (and perhaps are pseudo-royalty). But ridiculous.

Anyway. Case in point: People like when news sources confirm their beliefs, not challenge them.

The one and only TV show I follow faithfully is Project Runway, and I was so happy when a new season started last week. Early favorite: Ashley with the purple hair.

My son has started liking Sesame Street (we’re happy to give Blue’s Clues a rest) and I loved this segment with Ricky Gervais.

Working on:
I learned how to make canvases and I can’t stop. So easy and cheap. The hard part is figuring out how to fill said canvases (although patterned fabric is an easy winner).


Thinking about:
I saw this map on Mental Floss of largest companies by market cap and checked Idaho and Utah first. I wasn’t surprised by Micron for Idaho, but Utah? Extra Space Storage. Never even heard of it. I also found a Forbes article with the same info plus the number 2 and 3 spots–Huntsman Corp and Zions Bank. Much less surprising.


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