{End of August}

I finally finished A Short History of Nearly Everything. Not my favorite book ever, but it was interesting. This wasn’t intended by the author, but my take-away was that there is pretty much no chance the earth formed by happy coincidence. Our world is a complex one.

I picked up Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon at the D.I. for 75 cents and the little boy loves her. This was one of my favorites to read to kids when I taught social skills classes. The illustrations are delightful and the message is perfect. I’ve given a lot of thought into how to teach my children to be resilient, and Molly is a step in the right direction.


I mean, just look at her.

Listening to:
My all-time favorite story from Snap Judgement is “The Minivan” by Caitlin Gill. (And yes, the link is to a YouTube video because it was from a live show, but I originally only heard the audio.) And although I haven’t heard it on the podcast very recently, I was thinking about it the other day. I’m usually one to roll my eyes a bit at a “love your body” message, but this one strikes a perfect balance of funny and inspirational. If I had teenagers this would be required listening.

We started watching Sherlock (with Cumberbatch) a few years ago on Amazon Prime and got to the 1st episode of the second season before it disappeared from Prime. Last week I happened to go to the PBS Masterpiece website to check on something else and low and behold they had just started running Sherlock season 2! So that’s been our Sunday night watch lately.

I also really liked this dumb Jimmy Fallon clip.

Working on:
We’ve gotten in the habit of sticking all our recyclables in a cardboard box in a highly visible area of the kitchen. It’s an eyesore. So I decided to build a little tilt-out cabinet for a recycle bin. My first time making furniture from a pile of wood without any help from Ikea. And miracle of miracles, it actually turned out as good or better than I hoped. Now I just need to fill holes, prime a few areas, drill a hole for the knob, then paint. All the worst parts.


I’m working through the Regan line of my ancestry, and got very excited when I realized my great great grandpa (Edward Keating) may have been living near Chicago around the same time as the 1893 World’s Fair (he wasn’t very far away in 1900, and I don’t know how old he was when he left for school). I read The Devil in the White City a while ago and have perked up at every mention of that World’s Fair ever since. It was really kind of magical. And the thought of my twice great grandpa wandering through the exhibits as a 17 year-old makes me happy. Maybe he rode the world’s first ferris wheel!


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