{End of September}

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. This was my first Agatha Christie book, although I listened to a Stuff You Missed in History episode once upon a time about a still-unsolved mystery revolving around Agatha that happened back in the 1920’s. Anyway, this book was the perfect mystery. Eerie without being morbid (everyone dies–as the title suggests–but it isn’t graphic), smart without being overly complicated, and an ending I wasn’t expecting. I loved it.

American Experience: Walt Disney streaming on PBS. This is where I confess I’m not hugely into the whole Disney thing. I like the movies and Disneyland is fun, but it’s not magical for me. I have a lot more nostalgic love for Harry Potter. That being said, this documentary on Disney is really good. It’s three hours long, so it’s a bit of a time commitment, but well worth it. I would even say this documentary is kind of magical.

Listening to:
A Spotify playlist (by Spotify) called Afternoon Acoustic. It’s mostly a bunch of popular songs done acoustically–sometimes the artist themselves and sometimes it’s someone else doing a cover. There are also some nice non-popular songs mixed in there. A standout for me was Katy Perry’s acoustic The One That Got Away. I heard it acoustic a few years ago on The Voice and liked it better like that, so I’m glad Katy went ahead and embraced it.

If you’re in the mood for a YouTube rabbit hole, check out BBC Radio 1 videos where famous artists cover other artists’ popular songs. Try Demi Lovato’s version of Take me to Church or Taylor Swift’s version of Riptide.

Working on:
Repainting the doors and baseboards in one room of my house. The previous owners used this room as an office, and he worked for a beef jerky company, so… Sasquatch themed trim.


Everywhere. The baseboards, the window trim, the built-in desk and shelving, the door, the closet door, and the inside of the closet door. And not only is it a weird greenish color, it’s also got a crackled paint effect. You guessed it. I’ve got to sand down every inch before repainting it white. Some of the cracks are deep enough that I’ll probably have to use some spackle or wood filler to smooth it out. Such a pain in the butt.

Thinking about:
A Buzzfeed article with looks from New York Fashion Week that match book covers perfectly. A few are a bit of a stretch, but most are dead on. The big question is how they managed to pair the two so perfectly. A search engine filter? Or did they put some poor intern in charge of poring through tons of book covers, constantly referencing Fashion Week pictures until she (or he) found a good match? A little daunting. My favorite was New Moon. It’s so perfect.


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