{End of October}

The Secret Garden. It’s one of those I should have read a long time ago. It wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but definitely a classic.

Twin Peaks. My husband had heard good things about it, and it just came on Amazon Prime, so it’s become our nightly ritual. It’s not really like anything I’ve ever seen before (and it’s from the early 90’s). It’s a crime drama  (think Law and Order), which is interesting on its own, but it also has unexpected bits of campy humor. And it gets a mock-soap-opera feel every now and then that’s just perfect.

Also this Mental Floss video with John Green of 79 Common Mispronunciations.

Listening to:
The Limetown podcast. I’m not 100% sold on it yet, but it’s got a nice eerie vibe to it. It’s like X Files meets Serial. It is fictional, though.

Also the Stuff You Missed in History recent episode History Mysteries Double Feature. The first mystery I’d already heard of–but still a good story–but the second one was a little frightening–in a good Halloween way. Partly because a while ago I had a bad dream about a similar situation happening at my house.

Working on:
Painting the built-in bookcase/desk in what is now functioning as an office. I finally finished painting the stupid crackled trim and doors white. Now I’m doing the bookcase a navy blue and going right over the crackle paint without sanding. I’m using a homemade chalk paint with a couple $3.50 quart paint samples from Lowe’s (HGTV Sherwin Williams) mixed with plaster of Paris. That brand of sample paint is apparently not supposed to be used to actually paint with (adhesion issues, I think), but where I’m mixing it with the plaster of Paris I figure it won’t matter too much. It might not be quite as durable as the chalk paint made with Valspar samples I’ve used before, but the price point can’t be beat at $7 for a half gallon.

The problem now is the finishing wax smells really awful. I didn’t notice it as much last time I used it because it was a dresser and I did all the wax outside and left it out there most of the day. Most of this bookcase has to be done inside, and even though I’m being very careful to contain it all in one room, it still leaks into the rest of the house. I’m going to give coconut oil a shot and see if that will work as well as the wax.


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