{Mid November}

The Kite Runner. It took me two months, but I finally finished it. And if you know how short this book is, you understand how ridiculously long it took me. The first half dragged a lot for me. It read like a memoir, but it’s fiction, so that made it less compelling for me. At the end of every chapter I thought, “That could have been the end of the book, and I would have been satisfied.” But then the second half hit, and suddenly I couldn’t put it down. So compelling! It was a pretty big turnabout. I’m glad I stuck it out.

Project Runway. (Spoiler alert) The season finished out last week, and I’m pleasantly surprised Ashley won. I’ve been rooting for her all along, and I was nervous for her a few times. I was expecting Kelly to win, which I would have been happy with, too. Kelly really grew on me.

Listening to:
Handel’s Messiah. The community orchestra I play the violin in is doing a Messiah singalong next month, and I love playing it. I’ve only heard the most popular pieces from the Messiah, so it’s great to branch out and play something new. And it’s that perfect balance of challenging and fun.

Thinking about:
My mantra for the past little bit has been “A little progress every day.” I see it as a blessing that I have a lot of interests and like learning to be good at many things, but my biggest problem is that I want to do all the things at the same time. And when I have a lot of projects scattered around my house and I feel overwhelmed with all the things I should be doing, my coping mechanism is sleeping. Which isn’t the most unhealthy thing I could do, but it also wastes the limited free time I do have to accomplish things. So instead of being frustrated by all the things I didn’t do in the day, I’m trying to be satisfied with the progress I did make.


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