{End of December}

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. Pretty much every review describes this book as a mix of Dan Brown and Harry Potter. And while I see the treasure-hunter part of it, it’s certainly not J. K. Rowling. But it is a good book. It’s millennial tech culture clashing with an ancient society of bookish puzzle-solvers and the adventure that ensues.

Making a Murderer on Netflix. I don’t actually have Netflix (we do Amazon Prime), but the whole first episode is on YouTube. Once we finished the first episode, we immediately decided a 30-day free trial of Netflix was in order so we could watch the rest. It’s really good. It’s a documentary series about a guy who was wrongfully enprisoned for 18 years for a violent rape, was exonerated by DNA evidence, then later charged with the murder of a different lady. If you liked Serial you’ll love this.

Working on:
Knitting mittens. YouTube and Pinterest taught me how, and now I’m exploring some different designs with a 2016 goal in mind. More details on that later.

Ella Waldron. She may have been the daughter of one of my great (multiple greats) grandparents, but records on her are so few. I’m going off her death record and a couple of her alleged siblings’ obituaries, and it looks like she was born in 1890 and initially married a Maurice Wright and then a George Blackstad. But the lack of records for her feels a little suspicious. She may not be who I think she is.


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