Possibly Educational

Family History for the World Geographer

This is a series on finding your niche in doing family history.

Our families end up doing a lot of moving over time. Across the ocean, across the country, or even just across the street. Rootsmapper is a fun site to visualize how different branches of our family tree moved around the world. I’d recommend watching their official demo video to get a feel for how to navigate¬†the site, but I’ll share a few cool things you can do with it.


This is 6 generations of my tree mapped out. I’m a 0, my parents are 1’s (pink and blue), my grandparents are 2’s, and so forth.


From here you can also see how many of your ancestors were born in each country.


You can isolate individual lines from your family tree. This is my Keating line as far back as it goes.

The possibilities are endless!


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