{End of February}

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I really liked this book. The narrator is a little-known biographer and has been commissioned to write the biography of an ultra-famous author with a mysterious past. What follows is the eerie story of a family and the famous author’s role in that family. It sounds straightforward (and seems so for a while), but there are some killer twists.


Project Runway All Stars. I might like All Stars better than original Project Runway because for the most part I’m already familiar with the designers. And it’s fun to see how different people have grown and evolved in their craft.

Listening to:
Serial season 1 updates. Although the new season of Serial is interesting, I miss the compelling whodunit aspect that came along with season 1. It’s been nice to have some updates on Adnan’s case.

Working on:
Some cassette-to-mp3 transfer. My grandma interviewed her mother back in 1991 via cassette tape, and I suddenly remembered about it (although it’s probably been at least 20 years since I heard it). So I borrowed the tapes (along with a few other important family tapes), and I’m working on turning them into mp3, then putting the best on FamilySearch.


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