{Mid March}

Murder on the Orient Express. This is the second Agatha Christie I’ve read, and I have a feeling she can’t do wrong. She really has a way of smoothing everything out in a satisfying way. This one was a tiny bit ripped from the headlines. A key part of the mystery (which is a murder–surprise!) hinges on the kidnapping of a small child from a prominent U.S. family. Sound familiar? This was published in 1934 and the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped in 1932. So although this book is totally fiction, its root is based on a real event that was fresh on Christie’s readers’ minds.

Listening to:
Anatomy of Doubt from This American Life. This episode was so good. In it are two police cases with very similar details. One case ends well, while the other was almost catastrophic. It’s such a great perspective on how victims of sexual assault are treated and viewed.

Bonus listen: A story from Radiolab on K-pop.

Simon Tatham’s Puzzles. This is completely free on both Google Play and iTunes. It’s an impressive collection of puzzles with lots of variation in difficulty. If you like Sudoku you’ll like these (in fact, I think Sudoku is included). My favorites right now are Net and Signpost. I also like Keen and Undead. These aren’t mindless games, so I count it as brain exercise. The only downside is that some of the instructions aren’t great.


Scrambled eggs with chopped spinach. A friend mentioned she always puts spinach in her daughter’s scrambled eggs, and I’d never thought to do that before. So that’s how I’ve been making scrambled eggs lately. My child doesn’t seem to care that they’re green, and they don’t change the taste very much. And I like it too.


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