{End of April}

(Running late)

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny. This is the second book in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, and I just don’t know how I feel about it. I really like Gamache. And I like his team. And I like the actual mystery of the story. But man, I don’t like the people of Three Pines. And unfortunately they’re a recurring, obnoxious feature. I can’t put my finger on why those people annoy me so much. Because I’m not one to dislike the people in a story you’re supposed to like. Maybe it’s because I’m actually from a tiny town and their tiny town is so unbelievably, ridiculously magical in its smallness. It’s just a weird, weird town. Nothing endears me to these people. None of the main characters from Three Pines (we’re talking a group of like 10 people) have children. Nobody seems to have normal jobs (they’re artists, poets, bed & breakfast owners, therapists-turned-book-sellers, meditation gurus, etc.). It’s just ridiculous. I really like everything else about the books. But those dumb people get enough time in the book that I hesitate to read another. Maybe it’ll get better? Maybe they’ll die? Murderers do seem to run rampant in this tiny, artistic haven for bored, childless souls. One can hope.

Listening to:
The Popcast. These guys are pretty much my one and only source of pop culture info. And they’re funny in a “hanging out with the friends” kind of way. Not stand up comedy, but comfortable, fun banter. And they’re pretty active on social media so they ask for listeners’ input all the time and incorporate it into shows, which puts a fun interactive layer to the experience. I’ve been listening a couple years and I can only think of a couple episodes I wasn’t a fan of, but they do have a good starters list for people who are new to the Popcast. Personally, I’d recommend any of the Urban Dictionary episodes.

Biscuits. For the first time ever. Besides those kind of gross cheese biscuits we used to make for 4-H. Those don’t count. These are legit, quick, and easy. Pro tip: cut them into rectangles with a knife instead of fussing with a circle cutter and having to re-roll and re-roll to use up all the dough.


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