{Mid May}

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie King. This is the first book in a fun spin-off of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock books. It’s the same Sherlock, but he’s older and it’s now the late nineteen-teens and he’s met a young woman who is basically his equal intellectually (unlike Watson) so he takes her on as an apprentice and much adventure ensues. Overall I think it’s well done. I think the author spends a little too much time assuring the reader that it was a father-daughter relationship, not a romantic one, but the length at which she dwells on this almost has the opposite effect. And it slows down the plot a lot. But this is nit-pickiness. Overall it was good, and I’ll read the next in the series. And really, it’s fairly squeaky clean, which is a bonus. I don’t remember any language and it doesn’t get graphic or gritty. It makes reference to drugs (like Doyle does) but doesn’t condone them. I don’t think it’s technically YA, but it’s teen-friendly.

Listening to:
Prom by This American Life. In particular, I was fascinated by act 4: Only One Thing Missing. It talks about the country’s best prom, and I kept thinking to myself that this must be satire. And it would be ingenious as a satire piece. But it’s real! It talks about a town’s televised prom festivities–that the whole town watches and enjoys. It’s like the Hunger Games minus the death.

Free magazines through my library. My library uses Overdrive, which I use all the time to check out e-books and audio books. And I’ve seen the “We have periodicals!” ad on there for a while, but I never really thought about looking into it. I don’t really do magazines, but we did get mental_floss for a year as a gift and really liked it, but couldn’t really justify renewing the subscription and spending more money on entertainment when we already have plenty. But then the other day I thought to look and see if mental_floss was on Overdrive and yes! And it’s a way better deal than I anticipated. You don’t just check the magazine out; it’s yours to keep forever! For free! It’s only current issues, so you have to check back manually to get the next issue, and there’s also a limited number of issues they give out. Also you have to go through the Nook app (free, but dang, my phone has only so much space). But still. It’s a really great way to grab light reading material for travelling, etc. for 100% free. I’m a fan.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Mustard. I’m generally not huge on the mustard scene, but oh man, this is pretty close to Chick-fil-A sauce. So delicious.


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