{End of August}


The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. This was her very first book (and the first in her Poirot series) and I can feel it a little bit. Still really good, but I didn’t like it as much as some of her subsequent work I’ve read. Mostly because the narrator (Hastings) is kind of obnoxious. I think he’s meant to be sort of like Watson, where Poirot is like Sherlock–sort of a bumbling little helper constantly trying to figure out what’s going on–but Doyle manages to carry off the character in an endearing way, whereas it doesn’t quite hit the right note with Hastings. But Hastings aside, it was a fun read. I’m tempted to make a goal of reading all of Agatha Christie’s work, but there are 80ish books, so I’m not sure I’m ready for that commitment yet.

Listening to:

This American Life’s “Are We There Yet” and “Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee.” Both episodes talk about refugees living in various camps in Greece, and it’s really interesting to hear their various perspectives. The part where they talk to the one (one!) lady in charge of taking the Skype calls for thousands of refugees trying to get asylum each day especially stuck out to me. She can only help a tiny portion of the people waiting to be helped, but is still so polite to each person and just keeps at it though it seems like her work will never ever be done.

Happy about:

KT Tape. Also called kinesio tape (KT Tape is just a brand–you find it at Target, etc.). Earlier this month I took my achievement day girls to a day camp (a cub scout camp near us hosts groups of girls on certain days), and the next day I was so sore from all the walking and standing. And for the next week my lower back and hips were so out of whack that I could barely walk. When I was pregnant the first time around I never really got uncomfortable until the last month or so, but then here I was only halfway through and completely miserable. A friend said her doctor suggested kinesio tape for her pregnancy aches and pains, so I found some  (the non-fancy kind is about $12 from Target), watched a bunch of videos, and stuck some to my back and one side of my hip, and it actually worked! You don’t really notice it or feel it while you’re wearing it, but it somehow magically works. I wore it 4ish days, and I think I kept it on a day too long because I got a bit of a rash in a few spots, but I was on vacation and didn’t want it to start hurting again (plus it was still sticking just fine). But it’s continued to feel pretty good even after taking it off, so it was well worth the minor itching.


Potty training. We started at the beginning of July and (pretty literally) day 4 went about as well as day 40 (and not in a good way). But then we hit day 53 last week and completely unexpectedly it clicked. We had a great week and only had a couple little accidents. And then yesterday went off like the past week had never happened. And after cleaning up an accident that I’ll never be able to unsmell (second major one of the day) I thought I was going to lose my mind. But we watched some Bob Ross (Bob the Painter, as he calls him) together and felt a little better. Those potty accidents? They’re happy little trees now. Or something like that.


2 thoughts on “{End of August}

  1. Adrianne Torgersen says:

    I also use that tape during pregnancy. It’s fantastic! And yeah, potty training took us forever too, with lots of back and forth…but mainly just accidents. Wish I had some good advise for you!

    • Do you use it around/under your belly? I’m starting to want that, but the videos are kind of contradictory about where it should and should not be applied, and I don’t know who to listen to. Haha.

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