{Mid October}


Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier. Based on the cover of the copy I got from my library, you’d guess this was a trashy paperback romance. Not so! It’s a spooky, mysterious modern Gothic. And it has (tasteful) romance, but I wouldn’t really call it a romance novel. There are a lot of parallels with Jane Eyre (a complicated, wealthy husband with a very hushed past, etc), but it definitely has its own spin. The narrator (who remains unnamed) is so likable and also a familiar flavor of insecure. My heart hurt for her during some of the things she felt and experienced.

I also finally (after 8 months) finished Don Quixote! I mostly listened to the audiobook checked out from the library, which meant sometimes I had to be on a waiting list for a while between checkouts. But even then it was 40 hours long! I wouldn’t read it again, but I can see why it’s important. It’s so very meta. Ironic, clever, funny, mocking, contradictory… you name it. Really pretty masterful. But if you read it, read the Spark notes.

Listening to:

One Last Thing Before I Go, Act 1: Really Long Distance by This American Life. I generally make a practice of avoiding tear-jerky things. Motherhood messed with my emotions and I just don’t want to feel the feels. But this story makes you love your fellow humans.

Working on:

Staining a stupid bed frame. Yeah. I’m fairly significantly pregnant and staining something. My husband and I had a miscommunication about which bed frame belonged in which room, and he took great pains in setting the already painted one up in the wrong room. And I didn’t want to put the ugly bed frame in Little Boy’s freshly painted bedroom (another situation where one small project inadvertently led to a much bigger project). And I had some leftover Polyshades from my bathroom vanity I redid a year ago… so that’s what I went with. Fortunately it’s a 2-in-1 stain and poly and you only have to sand the gloss off the existing finish, not strip it completely. So it’s not much different than paint. But geez. Not a fun job for the girl who struggles to get socks on her own feet. But it’s mostly done now. Apart from a few nooks my foam brush couldn’t reach. Jury’s out whether I’ll actually do that in the next year.


One thought on “{Mid October}

  1. Georgia S Crouch says:

    I’ve read Rebecca several times and Camille and I watched the old movie after I finally convinced her to read the book too. You described it perfectly, scary, mysterious, creepy, etc. Oh Yeah! I bought Cami another Daphne de Maurier title, “My Cousin, Rachel”. It has a very similar feel–deliciously Gothic!

    Thanks for the heads up on Don Quixote. I’ve never had a burning desire to read it, so I will take advantage of Spark Notes and Shmoop when/if I ever do.

    I can’t wait to see your stained bed frame(s). Your bathroom vanity turned out so well; that is a very attractive color and finish.

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