{End of November}


The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I grabbed this when I saw it at a thrift store because it’s been on my to-read list for a while and the wait list at the library always seems to be pretty long. And it’s kind of a long book, so that makes the wait even longer. The plot bounces back and forth between WWII era and the present, and I think the two perspectives build well on each other. It’s hard to describe this book without spoilers (and you definitely don’t want it spoiled), but it’s an adult daughter trying to figure out her dying, dementia-ridden mother’s past, especially during the war years. Discovering your family’s heritage is a theme I always appreciate, so I really enjoyed it, but it felt a little longish–it was pushing 500 pages. But I’ve had less time to read lately, so maybe it was just my life timing that made it feel overly-long. 


Stranger Things. It’s been a thing for forever (ok, maybe only since this spring), but we only do Netflix occasionally since we already do Amazon Prime and Sling and really don’t need all three at once. So we wait around for a good occasion to get Netflix for just a month. And an upcoming baby paired with winter seemed like a good time to mix up our options. I’m really liking Stranger Things (it’s sort of X Files meets Twin Peaks meets E.T.) but it sort of gives me anxiety. But once again, I think it’s more of a life-timing issue than a content issue. I mean, I’m getting ready for a newborn and Christmas simultaneously. Elevated anxiety levels are to be expected.

Listening to:

Hidden Brain podcast. I’d heard much about this podcast, but hadn’t really had the time to start listening. And then my beloved How to do Everything randomly came to an end, so I had a good excuse to start Hidden Brain from the beginning. It’s really good–shortish, entertaining, and smart with real-world applications.


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